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Living in Denmark, but employed at MultiMediaLab (MML), pendling two days a week to Oslo. MML was  a 100% subsidiary of Canal Digital AS with the purpose of development and integration of interactive services on the digital platform

 Quality Assurance of design of interactive services and development of the technology platform

 Technical coordination and tasks performed for Canal Digital

 Canal Digital representative in Nordig /T

 Implementation of new services on the 1W satellite platform for Canal Digital through the main subcontractors Telenor Satellite Services and Conax

 Technical counterpart in negotiations with broadcasters

 Technical key-contact against Canal Plus Technologies, the supplier of the Mediahighway system

 Technical key-contact against manufacturers of Mediahighway and other STBs

 Service allocation on transponders


Director Broadcast Systems and Standardisation at MML

Venstrepil:    CV